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Maynard, MA 01754
Next to the Outdoor Store
Monday-Thursday 11am to 9pm
Friday-Saturday 10am to 11pm
Sunday Noon to 9pm

Remember, we'll transfer your choices to the store most convenient for you, and you can return your items to any Video Signals location.


Item Type Rental Rate/Period Extra Day
Hot New Release DVD, VHS $4.99/2 nights Sun-Wed
$4.99/1 night Thu-Sat
New Release DVD, VHS $4.99/1 week .71
Catalog DVD, VHS $4.99/1 week .71
Children's Feature Film DVD, VHS $4.99/1 week .71
Children's DVD, VHS $1.99/1 week .29
Game Hot New Releases $6.49/5 nights $1.30
New Games $6.49/1 week .92
Classic Games $4.99/1 week .71
Audio Cassette Books $4.99/1 week .71
(Rates quoted do not include sales tax.)


You can return your rentals to any Video Signals location. All locations have a Night Return for you to use when the store is closed.

Items without a Hot New Release sticker (DVD, VHS, cassette books, ...) have a standard 1 week rental period.

To keep the newest titles in circulation, Hot New Releases have a limited rental period. Game Hot New Releases are always 5 night rentals. Movie Hot New Releases (DVD and VHS) can be kept for 2 nights when rented Sunday though Wednesday and for 1 night when rented Thursday through Saturday.


There is no charge to sign up and no deposit required. To become a member, just show us your driver's license and sign a rental agreement. Your membership includes your whole family. And let us know if you would like any restrictions on your account like "no R's to children" or "ID must be shown".


  • Reserve a rental in advance and, unless an overdue return prevents it, we'll hold your item at the counter for you until 8:00 p.m.

  • Sign up in the Notification Book for a coming attraction and we'll call you when it arrives. Or, sign up on the site for a call or e-mail.

  • We'll transfer your choices to the store most convenient for you, and you can return your items to any Video Signals location.

  • You can pay by check or by credit card with no minimum.


Would you like to get your movie news via e-mail? Our New This Week mailer lists every movie on DVD that will be available on Tuesday in the stores. Fill out a subscription request at any store or subscribe on the web.


Movie ratings were created in order to help you choose films with subject matter and material acceptable to you and your family. What ratings can't tell you is a movie's quality. But we know that not all movies, no matter how superb they may be, are suited for all viewers. To help you better exercise your own freedom of choice, we've clearly marked the rating on the movie box of MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) rated movies. Unrated movies are not labeled and are considered "R" for rental restriction unless the films are in the Family, Children's, Classic or Special Interest sections.


It is the policy of Video Signals not to rent or sell R-rated tapes to anyone under the age of seventeen with parental restrictions on their account and not to rent or sell movies with NC-17 ratings to people under seventeen at all. You may specify an R-rating restriction for your account at any time. If you have any concerns about our policies, please let us know.


We've always been happy to help you entertain your family. We have a Children's section of primarily animated films renting for $1.99 each and a Family section of mostly live action, PG or G rated films suitable for younger children.


We arrange our movies in categories because we believe that if you come into a store unsure about what you want to watch, categories can help you decide.

Our standards for choosing a category are: we think customers will identify this category as a type of movie they would like to watch; there is a clear definition of which movies should go in that category.

We try to be conservative when movies have strong elements of more than one category. Some movies, like Starsky and Hutch, contain action and comedy. When we have a borderline case, we ask the question "If you take this movie from its category, will it be what you expect?" So in the case of Starsky and Hutch we thought that you wouldn't be surprised to find comedy in an action movie, but you might be upset to take home a comedy with a large degree of violence. Therefore, it was put it into Action.

You'll also find something for everyone in our "Crowd Pleasers" sections in Action, Comedy, Drama and Science Fiction. We spotlight films we think will entertain the whole family. There are no R-rated films in Crowd Pleasers, but there are PG-13s. Some of the Dramas may make you cry; some of the Actions have some violence -- so not all of these movies may be suitable for the youngest members of your crowd.


Looking for another good place to find some inspiration? The "Featuring" section highlights varying selections like the Top 75 or the films of Oscar nominees or the Managers' favorites. The selection changes regularly, and it's always something fun and interesting. So check it out when you're having trouble deciding what to watch.


Movies make great gifts and we have them for sale at all of our stores. If you are looking for a particular movie that we don't have in stock, we will special order it if we can at no additional charge.

If you'd like to treat someone to Video Signals rentals, it's our pleasure. We offer Movie rental certificates individually or in books of ten. And, of course, Video Signals gift certificates are also available.